CRS JET SPARES’ NEW Acquisition: 1995 LEAR 60

As CRS continues to build out on-hand inventory and provide customers with the best in service and availability, CRS is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of a well-maintained, non-incident related Learjet 60.

Highlight offerings from the full part-out include spoilers and flap assemblies in the airframe/engine category (Chapter 57); windshield assembly and others in the window category (Chapter 52); radar antenna, flight management systems and attitude heading computers in the navigation category (Chapter 34); and power monitor and static inverter from the electrical power category (Chapter 24.)

“We are committed to continuous, strategic additions to our inventory based on customer need,” said CRS CEO Milan Cvejic. “This plane provides a wealth of parts that will serve our audience of Learjet 60 owners well.”

Cvejic, part of the new ownership group that acquired CRS in 2020, and the team of veteran business aviation professionals at CRS go through an extensive review process before purchasing any plane, which continues through Q&A on every part CRS makes available to their loyal customer base.

We are in the process of finalizing the acquisition of multiple planes of varied airframes, all of which will be swiftly and efficiently parted out and added to our ready to ship catalog,” said Cvejic.

A sampling of the parts now available for the 1995 Lear 60 are detailed below. CRS representatives are available to provide additional details and availability for this and any other needs for Lear, Gulfstream, Challenger, Falcon, Hawker, Beechjet, Astra and Global Jet.

2422510-136 SPOILER
2422510-137 SPOILER
2424000-258 AILERON
2424000-242 AILERON
2434000-152 ELEVATOR
2434000-151 ELEVATOR
6025010-7 FLAP ASSY
6025010-8 FLAP ASSY
266-0212-513 COWL ASSY – UPPER
266-0212-507 COWL ASSY – UPPER
282-0114-503 COWL ASSY – LOWER
282-0114-501 COWL ASSY – LOWER
5410536-27 DOOR, LOWER PAX
5410501-107 DOOR, UPPER, PAX
5435005-021 ACTUATOR, STAB
400SG138Q-2 = 6608512-006 STARTER
400SG138Q-2 = 6608512-006 STARTER
66137 = 6607066-1 HYDRAULIC PUMP
66137 = 6607066-1 HYDRAULIC PUMP
GE16386-9-1 LIGHT ASSY
GE16386-9-2 LIGHT ASSY
501-1712-02 POWER SUPPLY
622-9302-003 RADAR ANTENNA
3017-41-221 FMS
3017-41-221 FMS
622-8971-422 TCAS
064-1017-01 HF ANTENNA
965-1199-005 EGPWS PROCESSOR


THE 103 SOLVES PROBLEMS TO EXTEND LIFE OF GENERATOR – CRS Has a Program to Make it Work for You and Your Challenger

At CRS, our veteran team has the expertise to provide you with options related to your business jet part needs. That experience and knowledge often leads to recommendations built on interactions with hundreds of clients and manufacturers, such as the Bombardier Challenger 300/350 generator and the introduction of the upgraded A3579-103 (103) model as a replacement for the A3579-102 (102.)The 102 has served the Challenger community well but has shown its age to the point that the 103 has been introduced. While the 102 can still be effective, we have noticed generator early removals at 1100 hours since last overhaul. The 103 demonstrates clear improvements:

New Shaft
• New material and shear section to improve the shaft fatigue
• Shaft painted for corrosion protection
New Rear Flange Assembly
• Sliding guides replaced by screws
• Addition of a Borrelly washer to preload the bearing

So what do you do if you still have hours on your A3579-102 but want the added security offered by the A3579-103? CRS has an upgrade plan offering both short and life – of – the -product solutions – including non-like core exchange – to ensure you have the security, safety and performance of the latest product without breaking the bank.

Contact CRS today for more information!


 Depth of Experience with Multiple Airframes, In Western Region to Aid CRS Customers

Fort Lauderdale, FL (DATE) –  Continuing growth initiatives spearheaded by new ownership, CRS Jet Spares, a leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective parts to the business jet community has added industry veteran Vince Jimenez to their team as Regional Sales Manager for the Western United States and two Canadian Provinces.

Jimenez, who has spent more than two decades in sales and service positions within the business jet community, will be responsible for the establishment and growth of relationships with business jet maintenance and operations facilities in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and Montana, as well Alberta and British Columbia.

“The strength and depth of our team is the foundation for delivering on our unwavering commitment to customer service,” said CRS CEO Milan Cvejic. “Vince is well-versed in the varied airframes we support, is highly qualified to provide expert guidance to our customers, and will make an immediate impact through the excellent relationships he has built in the Western region over the last 20+ years.”

Jimenez has deep aerospace experience in both aftermarket and production, having most recently served as Fleet Sales Manager with Honeywell Aerospace. Jimenez worked closely with Falcon, Hawker and Challenger operators as regional sales manager for Western Aircraft after spending more than 10-years in varied positions with Gulfstream Aerospace. While with Gulfstream, Jimenez was involved in all aspects of the maintenance process, providing him with a deep base of knowledge that will provide benefit to CRS customers.

“CRS has a fantastic reputation in the industry, and the vision that the new ownership team has in place aligns very well with my focus on service and solutions,” said Jimenez. “I’m extremely excited to be the face of CRS in the Western region, and am anxious to meet with our customers at airports and maintenance facilities all over the region in the coming months.”


Group Injecting Financial and Intellectual Capital into Longtime Industry Leader; Advanced Technology, Inventory and Sales Force Key Areas of Focus

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – New ownership has been introduced to build on nearly four decades of leadership in the business jet part and repaired solutions industry at CRS Jet Spares. The new group joined first as operating partners and now, with the closing of the deal, are leading the organization.

The new ownership team is committed to building on the unique and successful heritage of CRS and is injecting new capital – financial and intellectual – to update and evolve available inventory, build on partnerships and integrate leading edge technology. The new ownership group cited the expertise of the CRS sales and operations team, which combined has more than 150 years of business jet industry experience, as a primary factor in the acquisition.

The first step in the evolution is the implementation of a new strategic plan geared towards realizing the CRS Vision:

To be the trusted, go-to parts, repair and solutions provider in the global business jet community.

 Milan Cvejic is an investor in CRS and serves as its CEO. Cvejic is the founder of The SINA Group, a private investment firm. An expert in investment strategy, buyouts, business development, and mergers and acquisitions, Cvejic led business services origination efforts at The Gores Group, a private equity firm that managed over $3 Billion in capital. He has a broad knowledge base across industry sectors including Technology, IT Services, Distribution Logistics & Supply Chain, and Industrial Services.

“The CRS team and its unwaverinig focus on providing solutions for each and every customer is what attracted us from an investment perspective,” said Cvejic. “Working with our team and surveying the industry, we’ve built a strategic plan that is both true to the tremendous history of the company and also very much forward-thinking.”

Investor and operating entrepreneur Andrew Sherrill is the principal owner of CRS and brings an extensive track record of growth to the company. The former CEO and Chairman of Capsa Healthcare, Sherrill was one of the founding members of the company as part of a private equity structure and led Capsa through incremental growth including six acquisitions. One of the companies that became Capsa was Modern Metals Industries (MMI), where he served as Executive Vice President. MMI, in addition to pioneering the medical cart industry, was a key manufacturing provider for the aviation and aerospace industries. Through the introduction of processes, product innovation, technology and enhanced infrastructure, Sherrill helped position Capsa as the recognized industry leader in medical carts and cart technology.

“I see many similarities in CRS and Capsa, as both had a great foundation and history with signifcant opportunity for market share growth – both organic and through acquistion,” said Sherrill. “The team and that history provide confidence in the future of CRS, and we are committed to building on our invetory and offering through aircraft acquisition, partnerships, and evolved sales channels.”

CRS is a data-driven, mission and values oriented company with a focus on customer and vendor relationships. The goals established by the new ownership team involve strategic initiatives and investment in People, Technology and Inventory.

CRS has been a leader in several part and service categories throughout its history, and today is both building on existing strengths and also addressing areas where improvement can lead to Best in Class status. CRS’ 24-hour, 365-days a year staffed A.O.G. hotline, flexible pricing and packaging, and extensive warranty programs are all considered above industry standard, while the company offers solutions for a wide range of platforms including Gulfstream, Challenger, Falcon, Hawker, Lear, Beechjet, Astra, and Global Express.

CRS at NBAA Regional Forum San Jose

We will be exhibiting at the NBBA Regional Forum San Jose, CA | Booth#327. Please feel free to visit us anytime or make an appointment in advance for a chance to meet with your CRS Representative!

The CRS Jet Spares name is a globally recognized aftermarket support facility throughout the business jet community. CRS has the right stuff to meet all your requirements. We support Astras, Gulfstreams, Learjets, Hawkers, Challengers, Global Express and Falcons through a comprehensive on hand in stock ready to go inventory.

CRS provides services that conform to ASA-100 and AS9120 Quality standards. Offering quality, competitive pricing and renowned customer service. CRS has become a boutique distributor for aftermarket products such as Batteries, LED cabin lighting, tire pressure measuring systems and more.

CRS Jet Spares Appoints Nelson Leal as Director of Sales & Operations

CRS Jet Spares has promoted Nelson Leal to Director of Sales & Operations. His previous role with CRS was dedicated as Sales Manager. “It is always a positive when you can promote someone from within the ranks to a role of greater responsibility,” stated Diane Leighton, President of CRS Jet Spares.

Nelson’s new role is to manage the CRS Group’s sales effort, improve business processes, and assist in the company’s strategy for growth and profitability. “We believe that Nelson’s new role will make the CRS brand even stronger and more effective in meeting the needs of the business aviation community,” stated President Diane Leighton.

Nelson has been a member of the CRS Group of companies for over 15 years. He started at a young age spending his summers working at CRS’s warehouse, learning the aviation industry from the ground up.  He has been a member of the CRS sales team for the past 12 years. Originally from South Florida he enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his sons’ teams and volunteering for local charities.

CRS Jet Spares Appoints Ajay Sharma as Director of Accounting & Finance

CRS Jet Spares welcomes Ajay Sharma to their accounting team as Director of Accounting & Finance. Ajay’s role is to manage accounting and finance and assist to establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of the business. “We believe that this addition will make our Team stronger and more effective in meeting the needs of the business aviation community,” stated Diane Leighton, President of CRS Jet Spares.

“The CRS Group has a focused commitment to inventory expansion. CRS has been aggressively pursuing a reputation as a respected international company capable of supporting the needs of customers worldwide. “With a program under the supervision of Ajay Sharma alongside CRS Sales & Operations team, the company expects to see the anticipated growth and development of inventory expansion,” says Nelson Leal Director of Sales & Operations.

Aside from work, Ajay likes to spend time with his family and friends. Outside of work, you can catch him enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, biking or running. Relatively new to Florida, he likes to explore what the sunshine state has to offer.

CRS expands International presence in the MENA Region

CRS Jet Spares, an aftermarket parts solution provider has entered an agreement with RAS Jet Services assigning the latter as its representative in the MENA region. CRS a US-based company based in Ft Lauderdale, FL has been supporting the Business Aviation Industry for over 30 years.

RAS Jet Services is entitled to promote CRS Jet Spares business and assign expertise who will look after the customers in the designated area assuring that each client has been delivered with the best solutions possible. Providing services for Gulfstream, Challenger, Hawker, Falcon, Lear, and Globals. RAS will provide CRS a local presence in the Middle East and North African Business Jet Community.

RAS Jet Services is very excited about this Sales Agency Agreement and considers it a very important opportunity holding mutual benefits to both parties. This agreement will bring to customers a comprehensive coverage of CRS Jet Spares services and shall continuously improve their experience in every aspect. Being in close proximity to where our customers are is a key initiative towards achieving that.

SmartStem Approved for use on Gulfstream

Fort Lauderdale, FL – November 8, 2017 – CRS Jet Spares an aftermarket parts solution provider supporting the Business Aviation Industry for over 30 years, has announced the availability of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the SmartStem® Wireless Tire Pressure System on Gulfstream 150 model airframes. SmartStem tire pressure sensors are already certified for retrofit on Gulfstream models 350, 450, 500, 550, GV, GIV-X, and GV-SP as well as various other business jets.

“Another model Gulfstream will now be able to benefit from the use of the SmartStem system” stated CRS Vice President. This STC allows Gulfstream operators to check tire pressure readings in seconds without risking valve damage or gas loss, dramatically simplifying the preflight checklist and saving money and time. The SmartStem systems consist of high-accuracy SmartStem tire pressure sensors, which replace the existing standard wheel fill stems, and a handheld ready, which electronically reads and stores tire pressure and temperature.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics is in the process of certifying SmartStem tire pressure sensors on additional business, regional, and large commercial aircraft with multiple regulatory authorities to meet customer demand.

Thales Adds CRS Jet Spares as Authorized Distributor for Challenger Aftermarket Support

untitled-1Thales which stands as one of the top 3 players for electrical equipment and systems for Aerospace has announced the selection of CRS Jet Spares, as its distributor for the Thales DC Generator (P/N A3579-102) a 3-stage brushless machine. This generator is original equipment on all Bombardier Challenger 300 & 350 model airframes.  Terms of this agreement allow CRS to provide sales, service and technical support to the aftermarket for this generator with total OEM backing to better serve Challenger operators. CRS Jet Spares is an aftermarket parts support company with over thirty years of experience in the Business Aviation Community.

This collaboration is created to enhance the support and services to operators of this airframe that currently has a fleet size exceeding 500.  “Having worked together with CRS in the past on various projects provided a level of comfort and confidence in making this decision” Says Greg Rowan / Director of Sales and Support “We are extremely excited that CRS’s experience with our generator and excellent reputation makes them the right choice to enhance our aftermarket support to operators of our Challenger generators.” Rowan added.

CRS has been offering tip to tail services and support on the CL-300 platform since they have been coming off warranty. “CRS Jet Spares is pleased to add this authorization and have the backing of Thales in our support to Challenger 300/350 operators” stated CRS President and Founder Armando Leighton.” CRS will increase stock levels for its exchange program and make units available for spares provisioning as well. The scope of this joint support for this generator looks to maintain and increase dispatch reliability for operators.  “Through OEM quality and CRS service the partnership with the Thales is a critical element in providing operators with what is expected,” said Leighton

CRS Jet Spares is recognized as a worldwide leader in the aftermarket support of Business Jets.  Programs include Sales, Exchange, Spares Provisioning and Managed Repair options for all series:  Gulfstream, Global Express, Astra, Falcon, Hawker, Lear, Beechjet and Challenger.

A solutions-driven sales team ready to serve you.

Thales provides a global range of support and services for avionics in the civil aerospace market, tailored to each customer’s needs. As an integrator, Thales has extensive and recognized expertise in the provision of avionics services on all types of aircraft – from large airliners to business jets and helicopters.