Our history of support for the Astra aircraft dates back to 1990 with the first generation IAI Westwind. In 2012 aircraft serial number 043 was acquired for part-out to enhance our nose-to-tail program. Today, CRS continues to invest into both select and lot inventory purchases.  This ever-growing inventory provides Astra operators with a unique alternative in obtaining critical spares at significant savings, thus reducing your operating cost.

All rotable exchange items are serviced by either OEM original equipment manufacturers or qualified FAA Repair Stations to guarantee airworthiness and insure the reliability and quality of the products supplied by CRS.  By offering solutions such as exchanges, outright sales, repairs, and CPO’s, Astra operators around the world can choose what is right for them.  Our customers benefit from extended warranties to match or surpass OEM standards, coupled with no bill-back Option 2 pricing, CRS maintains the best choice available in the industry.

D25W713006-501  (1153-000-000) Servo Aileron Actuator

Servo Aileron Actuator

SLZ9958  (D25W882004-007)  Stall Warning Computer

Stall Warning Computer