Win- Win Consignment Program’s surge at CRS Jet Spares

CRS Jet Spares, the Business Aviation leading provider of “Aftermarket Parts Solutions” for classic, out of warranty airframes, has seen an increase in its consignment programs in 2015. A consignment program is not unique to the aviation
industry and how one functions is fairly common. An owner or material chooses another to sell this material under agreement to terms for purpose of generating dollars for said material.  What is not common to CRS Jet Spares and the many current and past consignors is the process, effort and positive results experienced during these agreements that provide a win-win program for the parties involved.

“Our Consignment Program utilizes an extensive network in the business aviation community coupled with CRS processes to sell and market parts for others” stated jack Caloras VP Sales and Business Development at CRS. “This is our core business; to store, handle, ship 24/7, invoice, collect payments, provide technical support and handle buyers concerns is what we do every day.” Says Caloras

So instead of a company that has excess, surplus or little used assets trying to divert their resources, CRS handles it all for an agreed upon fee. An interesting option for operators with inventory that they might still have a need for an occasion is the recall program offered in a CRS Consignment Agreement. The ability to recall parts anytime from CRS through our logistic and distribution system is a positive for operators inclined to keep more inventory than they might need on hand. The ability to generate revenue for excess or surplus inventory that one might have under the CRS consignment program is a win-win process that CRS has developed and excelled for years.

See/Rescue Emergency Distress Locating Devices are now available at CRS

CRS Jet Spares, the Business Aviation leading provider of “Aftermarket Parts Solutions” has been providing our industry with products for over 30 years, has been appointed as the authorized distributor for the military approved See/Rescue streamersea product line for the Business Jet Community. This state of the art, yet simple locating technology is available in various sizes with several different options.

The Sea Rescue devices are used primarily for alerting Search and Rescue personnel to your location after any type of emergency situation exists where you are in need of being located.

“The genius of this product is not only in the simplicity of the design but, that it is so clearly does what it says and how obvious it is that this piece of equipment is needed” Claims Jack Caloras VP Sales and Business Development. Dr. Robert Yonover has been involved with safety and lifesaving products for over 20 years. “We have partnered with a person who has not only marketed but also has designed and invented various products which we feel are breakthrough in both nature and application” said Caloras The Sea Rescue streamers are safety devises that  are simple and cost effective pieces of emergency equipment that all operators should consider.

CRS Jet Spares Releases New Thrust-Reverser Ball Screw Actuator

CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, announced today the distribution of the Thrust-Reverser Ball Screw Actuator, Part Number 3272570-6. The new item is available on exchange bases for flat rate of $8500 thrust-reverser assy_3272570-6which includes NEW FAA/PMA Ball Screw Assembly Part Number 3238470-2. Backed by a No Bill Back Guarantee with   Two-Year Unconditional Warranty, this Thrust-Reverser Ball Screw Actuator is compatible with the Challenger 600, 601, 605 Series and the CRJ-100/200.

“We are committed to providing our customers with quality parts, comprehensive solutions, stellar service and competitive purchase options,” said Armando Leighton, Jr., President/CEO. “We stand behind our ‘no bill back’ policy which gives our customers peace of mind.”

CRS Jet Spares Widens Support for APU’s

CRS Jet Spares, the Business Aviation leading provider of “Aftermarket Parts Solutions” for classic, out of warranty airframes, has increased its APU support programs with the addition of a GTCP36-100E and a GTCP36-150CL. These two apuAPU’s in addition to current inventory and programs will increase support for offerings to include, rental and managed repairs, exchanges and outright sales.

Through an approved vendor process which follows AS9120 Quality requirements CRS monitors the APU program to the highest standards. “Increasing our inventory levels to continue to support our customer base is an ongoing effort here at CRS” stated CEO and Founder of CRS Armando Leighton, Jr. The programs that CRS offers are a direct result of what we see as a need in the industry as expressed by the operators we support.

The APU’s are housed and stored at the CRS Fort Lauderdale facility in a climate controlled environment in accordance to all requirements. For more information on these and additional APU’s contact your CRS Representative today, 954.972.2807, or stop by our booth #C089 at EBACE 2015.

CRS Jet Spares Promotes Luis Tapia to Repair Control Manager

CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has promoted Luis Tapia to the position of Repair Control Manager.  “It is always a positive when you can promote someone from within the ranks to a role of greater luis-tapiaresponsibility” is gratifying for me to see a CRS team member grow within our company so successfully,” stated CRS Vice President of Sales Jack Caloras.

With the additional responsibilities, Tapia will be dedicating his time to manage the increasing demand of ready-to-go serviceable stock.

“Luis is a seasoned veteran who truly understands the importance of working with OEM’s and Quality Vendors to support our exchange programs,” stated CRS President/CEO Armando Leighton, Jr.


Tapia has been a member of the CRS Group of companies for over 19 years. He is a licensed AP mechanic and Aircraft Dispatcher with experience in sales, repairs, purchasing, business development, manager of FAA repair station and FBO maintenance control.  Luis spends his time off enjoying long distance bike riding and martial arts.

CRS and M1 Program

CRS Jet Spares has recently been contracted to support a fleet of military designated Lear 35 airframes. This program is one in which, aircrafts are based both in and out of the United States. The services provided for this program include stocking inventory for designated sites, providing 24.7 global support, repair and technical services as required. “We have supported this airframe for many years and the prime contractor for this program looked at this as well as being a Bombardier Approved Supplier as major advantages in making CRS part of the program” suggests Armando Leighton Jr., the founder and CEO of CRS Jet Spares.

With tip to tail support programs offered on various business jet platforms and a comprehensive inventory CRS was chosen as a primary sub-contractor for the duration of this program. CRS offers a wide variety from tip to tail comprehensive parts solutions. Programs for Challenger, Gulfstream, Hawker, Falcon and Lear airframes.

CRS Increases Exchange Options

Exchange transactions are common within the business aviation community. Airframe OEM’s, Component OEM’s and aftermarket third party suppliers such as CRS Jet Spares have been providing operators with exchange options for years.  opt2The transaction is a cost saving option provided to operators when a part is required sooner than later. An airworthy unit is supplied to be utilized as a replacement for a part needing to be removed, which is then returned to the supplier of the airworthy part.  All is good for both parties until the core unit is evaluated and deemed to be above the standard work-scope.  The result is what most in our industry has come to know as a “Bill-Back” which is less than a positive for all parties involved!  In these instances the supplier will request additional charges from the customer to cover the increased cost of the repair/overhaul of the core unit.

CRS Jets Spares in its efforts to reduce this negative result from an exchange transaction has a major initiative underway to decrease these occurrences.  CRS is increasing what has become branded as an “Option 2” exchange. This is an option that eliminates or reduces the chance of the “Bill-Back” on an exchange transaction.  “We have tasked our inside sales team to provide Option 2 pricing for exchange transactions on every opportunity”, states VP of Sales and Business Development Jack Caloras.” If we have an Option 2 price or not established, the conversation we want to have with a customer is whether this would be a viable option for your current situation” Caloras goes on. CRS is leading the way in providing customers solutions that meet their needs and requirements.

CRS Announces Harley Giveaway for 2014 NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention

CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has announced the 2014 edition of their annual NBAA Harley Davidson giveaway contest.  The company, an NBAA exhibitor for over 25 years, will give to one lucky harley_2014NBAA attendee a 2014 Harley Davidson Iron 883N. “This drawing has become a CRS and NBAA tradition and we are proud to be able to hold our special drawing again this year:” says Armando Leighton CEO of CRS Jet Spares. “We look forward to the gathering of old and new this year in Orlando”.  CRS would like to invite all corporate operators, jet owners and maintenance departments attending this year’s annual meeting and convention in Orlando, FL to participate in this exciting giveaway!  The drawing will take place at the CRS Booth #1426, on Wednesday, October 22nd at 3:30 pm.



New Sales Manager for North Central Region

don-gallisathCRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has named Don Gallisath as its North Central Sales Manager. The region includes 11 states and stretches from Missouri to Manitoba, Canada. Gallisathis an aviation professional with over 25 years’ experience of providing quality product support to, corporate aviation operations and maintenance facilities in the North Central Region of the US.  “Don brings a tremendous wealth of experience to this sales role with CRS,” said Jack Caloras, CRS Vice President of Sales

Don spent 20 plus years at Raytheon Aircraft Services in various Sales and Managerial roles during his time with the airframe OEM in aftermarket support.

After leaving Raytheon Galisath was a regional sales manager for two aftermarket parts suppliers covering a similar region of the country.  Caloras says: “Don understands every aspect of our business model and his experience in the region allows him to step right in and assist our customers in the manner required”

He lives in his home town of Rockford, IL with his wife Karen, who is also a pilot currently flying business jets.  When not working they enjoy spending time on their boat or at the Byron Drag way where he races a 71 Chevelle.

Stop by our Booth #1426 at NBAA 2014 in Orlando, FL to meet Don and for a chance to win a 2014 Harley Davidson.  

Nelson Leal Promoted to Sales Manager

CRS Jet Snelson-lealpares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has promoted Nelson Leal to the position of Sales Manager. Leal’s role is to manage the CRS inside Sales team as well as all sales processes established within CRS to provide the services expected by and provided to all customers of CRS.

“It is always a positive when you can promote someone from within the ranks to a role of greater responsibility” a true joy for me to see a CRS team member grow within our company so successfully,” stated CRS Vice President of Sales Jack Caloras.

With the additional responsibilities Leal will have requiring more of his time, CRS has added two new team members to the inside sales group to maintain and continue to improve sales and service at CRS.

“We believe that Nelson’s new role and the additions to our sales team will make the CRS brand even stronger and more effective in meeting the needs of the business aviation community,” stated Caloras.

Leal has been a member of the CRS sales team for the eight years providing his sales expertise and abilities to CRS customers. He also has 6 years of managerial experience in a non-aviation role prior to joining CRS. Originally from South Florida, Nelson enjoys spending time with his wife, playing team sports and teaching his 4 year old son how to cheer for everyone’s favorite team in South Florida, The Miami Heat.