Our Goal

From its very inception in 1982, the goal of the CRS Jet Spares team has been to provide our customers and the Global Business Aviation Community with a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to Aircraft OEM parts programs.

Today CRS has grown to be the preferred supplier to Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, charter and fractional operations worldwide. We have achieved our goal by offering a unique balance of technical expertise, quality products and a total dedication to customer satisfaction, all while maintaining costs that are significantly below our competitors.

Another key to the CRS difference is our desire to develop personal relationships with our customers.  Listening, it has allowed us to implement strategies to better support the aftermarket for legacy aircraft platforms and to change as their needs change. This interaction has led us to introduce many unique and innovative programs that like our Component Rental Program (CRP) that lets a customer rent a refurbished serviceable component while theirs is being sent out for an overhaul. Our (Option 2) Program that allows you to cap the price on exchange transactions to control supplemental charges by engineering innovative repairs. These are a few of the many solutions driven services that efficiently keep your aircraft flying anywhere in the world.

In successfully meeting these our goals, CRS has grown to be a financially secure company that has the vision and strength to quickly meet the needs of our customers today. 

Our Commitment

To meet our commitment of being your preferred supplier we are unsurpassed in the selection, quality and care that goes into every component that we stock in our 42,000 square foot facility in Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles and in all our international locations which include London, Singapore and Sao Paulo.

Before a part is approved for resale, it is fully refurbished by the OEM.  From the time it enters our doors, through delivery to our customers, every part we sell is fully traceable and is tracked by our sophisticated computer system.

Our commitment to total customer support includes a 24-hour, 365-days a year A.O.G. hotline. When you are a CRS customer, the parts you need, when and where you need them, is just a phone call away.

We offer and welcome partnerships with our customers with procurement agreements, consignments of inventory or aircraft part-out. Our vast aircraft platform offerings allow you to trade up or down for provisional spares; a tangible value when your department changes or upgrades aircraft types.

At CRS, our commitment to your unconditional satisfaction is something that is found throughout everything we do from the personal way we handle each order to our better-than-new comprehensive warranty for each aircraft programs.  We always welcome input and will continue to strive for excellence!

CRS Message

Becoming the best at what you do begins with a personal commitment and a highly focused team approach to hard work, dedication and proficiency – a strategy for success.  For over 35 years, this commitment has always been our priority. Our best asset is truly the people of CRS that make our company the success it is today. We culturally embrace and promote the sense of partnership that goes far beyond the typical supplier/client experience while focusing on our core values and the needs of a Global Business Jet Market.

From the start of the corporation in 1982 by Armando Leighton Jr., our goal has been direct and simple – to continually improve our business and go that extra mile for each and every customer. The pursuit to maintain a high level of service never stops with our valued employees and support of our mission. In those early days, we were a regional company providing business jet customers cost-effective, quality alternatives to OEM spares and rotable parts. Today CRS Jet Spares has transitioned into Global leader clearly positioned as the preferred supplier within the aviation community.

We are honored to have a following of loyal customers dating back to our inception in 1982.  Operations and aircraft types may have changed through the years but not the faces of those who have always relied on us to support them. A wonderful testament that we proudly embrace.  Our performance is largely measured by how well we respond to your needs; entrusting CRS Jet Spares as your primary source will be a pleasurable experience, and our privilege to serve you!  As always, we extend a cordial invitation to come and visit our home and workplace in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

CRS Mission Statement

  • To provide quality services and support at competitive prices to make CRS the premier aftermarket supplier in the business aviation community.
  • To maintain accelerated 24/7/365 deliveries to keep our customer’s aircraft flying and in top operating condition.
  • To constantly strive for maximum quality performance with zero defects as our primary goal.
  • To continually keep our employees aware of regulatory demands, customer requirements and their quality needs.
  • To provide courteous, flexible and completely committed service to our customers beyond their expectations.
  • To continuously serve our customers with prompt, helpful and honest dialogue that yields awareness, satisfaction and added value to their operation.
  • To create a work environment that provides employees the opportunity to enjoy and succeed at the jobs they perform.
  • To maintain a facility that is both positive and safe to all CRS employees.


Diane Leighton.
CRS Jet Spares, Inc.