THE 103 SOLVES PROBLEMS TO EXTEND LIFE OF GENERATOR – CRS Has a Program to Make it Work for You and Your Challenger

At CRS, our veteran team has the expertise to provide you with options related to your business jet part needs. That experience and knowledge often leads to recommendations built on interactions with hundreds of clients and manufacturers, such as the Bombardier Challenger 300/350 generator and the introduction of the upgraded A3579-103 (103) model as a replacement for the A3579-102 (102.)The 102 has served the Challenger community well but has shown its age to the point that the 103 has been introduced. While the 102 can still be effective, we have noticed generator early removals at 1100 hours since last overhaul. The 103 demonstrates clear improvements:

New Shaft
• New material and shear section to improve the shaft fatigue
• Shaft painted for corrosion protection
New Rear Flange Assembly
• Sliding guides replaced by screws
• Addition of a Borrelly washer to preload the bearing

So what do you do if you still have hours on your A3579-102 but want the added security offered by the A3579-103? CRS has an upgrade plan offering both short and life – of – the -product solutions – including non-like core exchange – to ensure you have the security, safety and performance of the latest product without breaking the bank.

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