An AOG Situation Calls For an “Any Means Necessary” Attitude

At CRS, where our team is live and available to help you 24/7/365, we’ll ship anywhere in the world to keep you flying. And if a truck or plane isn’t the fastest way to get you back in the air, we can also do it on two wheels!

CRS Senior Sales Consultant Bill Short not only answered the call when Privaira hit the CRS AOG hotline with an urgent need for a generator to get a charter flight off the ground, he jumped on his bike and delivered door-to-door.

Privaira’s Dave Prince was all smiles when Bill rolled up with the box on the back of the bike, providing the part that kept them from losing their charter.

The CRS warehouse in Fort Lauderdale is within 30 minutes of three international airports. We transport for AOG situations via Sterling, DHL, UPS, FedEx and, as Bill demonstrated in this situation, door-to-door.

We never charge AOG service fees, and we are ALWAYS LIVE. A CRS representative will answer your call. With CRS, you never have to leave your urgent situation to voice mail.

Congrats to Bill on finding a way to keep our CRS customers flying!