CRS Jet Spares Appoints Nelson Leal as Director of Sales & Operations

CRS Jet Spares has promoted Nelson Leal to Director of Sales & Operations. His previous role with CRS was dedicated as Sales Manager. “It is always a positive when you can promote someone from within the ranks to a role of greater responsibility,” stated Diane Leighton, President of CRS Jet Spares.

Nelson’s new role is to manage the CRS Group’s sales effort, improve business processes, and assist in the company’s strategy for growth and profitability. “We believe that Nelson’s new role will make the CRS brand even stronger and more effective in meeting the needs of the business aviation community,” stated President Diane Leighton.

Nelson has been a member of the CRS Group of companies for over 15 years. He started at a young age spending his summers working at CRS’s warehouse, learning the aviation industry from the ground up.  He has been a member of the CRS sales team for the past 12 years. Originally from South Florida he enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his sons’ teams and volunteering for local charities.

CRS is Drawing for a Caribbean Cruise!

CRS Jet Spares, an NBAA exhibitor for over 25 years, will be giving to one lucky NBAA attendee a Royal Caribbean Cruise for two. This special give away includes a round trip with a night stay in Fort Lauderdale, a tour of CRS facility and a lunch with our team members. Throughout the show, the CRS Team greets attendees as they stop at the booth to participate in the giveaway. Hundreds of business cards will be entered into the drawing but only one person will be the winner of this Giveaway Vacation for two!

CRS is proud to be able to hold our special drawing this year and would like to invite all corporate operators, jet owners and maintenance departments attending this year’s annual meeting and convention in Orlando, FL to participate in this exciting giveaway!  Stop by CRS booth#5057 and drop off your business card for a chance to win!

CRS Jet Spares Appoints Ajay Sharma as Director of Accounting & Finance

CRS Jet Spares welcomes Ajay Sharma to their accounting team as Director of Accounting & Finance. Ajay’s role is to manage accounting and finance and assist to establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of the business. “We believe that this addition will make our Team stronger and more effective in meeting the needs of the business aviation community,” stated Diane Leighton, President of CRS Jet Spares.

“The CRS Group has a focused commitment to inventory expansion. CRS has been aggressively pursuing a reputation as a respected international company capable of supporting the needs of customers worldwide. “With a program under the supervision of Ajay Sharma alongside CRS Sales & Operations team, the company expects to see the anticipated growth and development of inventory expansion,” says Nelson Leal Director of Sales & Operations.

Aside from work, Ajay likes to spend time with his family and friends. Outside of work, you can catch him enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, biking or running. Relatively new to Florida, he likes to explore what the sunshine state has to offer.

CRS expands International presence in the MENA Region

CRS Jet Spares, an aftermarket parts solution provider has entered an agreement with RAS Jet Services assigning the latter as its representative in the MENA region. CRS a US-based company based in Ft Lauderdale, FL has been supporting the Business Aviation Industry for over 30 years.

RAS Jet Services is entitled to promote CRS Jet Spares business and assign expertise who will look after the customers in the designated area assuring that each client has been delivered with the best solutions possible. Providing services for Gulfstream, Challenger, Hawker, Falcon, Lear, and Globals. RAS will provide CRS a local presence in the Middle East and North African Business Jet Community.

RAS Jet Services is very excited about this Sales Agency Agreement and considers it a very important opportunity holding mutual benefits to both parties. This agreement will bring to customers a comprehensive coverage of CRS Jet Spares services and shall continuously improve their experience in every aspect. Being in close proximity to where our customers are is a key initiative towards achieving that.

SmartStem Approved for use on Gulfstream

Fort Lauderdale, FL – November 8, 2017 – CRS Jet Spares an aftermarket parts solution provider supporting the Business Aviation Industry for over 30 years, has announced the availability of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the SmartStem® Wireless Tire Pressure System on Gulfstream 150 model airframes. SmartStem tire pressure sensors are already certified for retrofit on Gulfstream models 350, 450, 500, 550, GV, GIV-X, and GV-SP as well as various other business jets.

“Another model Gulfstream will now be able to benefit from the use of the SmartStem system” stated CRS Vice President, Jack Caloras. This STC allows Gulfstream operators to check tire pressure readings in seconds without risking valve damage or gas loss, dramatically simplifying the preflight checklist and saving money and time. The SmartStem systems consist of high-accuracy SmartStem tire pressure sensors, which replace the existing standard wheel fill stems, and a handheld ready, which electronically reads and stores tire pressure and temperature.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics is in the process of certifying SmartStem tire pressure sensors on additional business, regional, and large commercial aircraft with multiple regulatory authorities to meet customer demand.

For more information contact Jack Caloras, Vice President Sales and Business Development representative today, 954.972.2807.

Thales Adds CRS Jet Spares as Authorized Distributor for Challenger Aftermarket Support

untitled-1Thales which stands as one of the top 3 players for electrical equipment and systems for Aerospace has announced the selection of CRS Jet Spares, as its distributor for the Thales DC Generator (P/N A3579-102) a 3-stage brushless machine. This generator is original equipment on all Bombardier Challenger 300 & 350 model airframes.  Terms of this agreement allows CRS to provide sales, service and technical support to the aftermarket for this generator with total OEM backing to better serve Challenger operators. CRS Jet Spares is an aftermarket parts support company with over thirty years of experience in the Business Aviation Community.

This collaboration is created to enhance the support and services to operators of this airframe that currently has a fleet size exceeding 500.  “Having worked together with CRS in the past on various projects provided a level of comfort and confidence in making this decision” Says Greg Rowan / Director of Sales and Support “We are extremely excited that CRS’s experience with our generator and excellent reputation makes them the right choice to enhance our aftermarket support to operators of our Challenger generators.” Rowan added.


CRS has been offering tip to tail services and support on the CL-300 platform since they have been coming off warranty. “CRS Jet Spares is pleased to add this authorization and have the backing of Thales in our support to Challenger 300/350 operators” stated CRS President and Founder Armando Leighton.” CRS will increase stock levels for its exchange program and make units available for spares provisioning as well. The scope of this joint support for this generator looks to maintain and increase dispatch reliability for operators.  “Through OEM quality and CRS service the partnership with the Thales is a critical element in providing operators with what is expected” said Leighton

CRS Jet Spares is recognized as a worldwide leader in the aftermarket support of Business Jets.  Programs include Sales, Exchange, Spares Provisioning and Managed Repair options for all series:  Gulfstream, Global Express, Astra, Falcon, Hawker, Lear, Beechjet and Challenger.

A solutions driven sales team ready to serve you.

Thales provides a global range of support and services for avionics in the civil aerospace market, tailored to each customer’s needs. As an integrator, Thales has extensive and recognized expertise in the provision of avionics services on all type of aircraft – from large airliners to business jets and helicopter.

Crane Announces Selection of CRS Jet Spares, LLC, as SmartStem® Authorized Distributor

SmartStem webCrane Aerospace & Electronics has announced the selection of CRS Jet Spares, LLC, as the SmartStem® authorized distributors for the business and regional jet market. Under
the terms of the agreement, CRS will serve as a worldwide distributor for SmartStem Wireless Tire Pressure Systems that can be retrofitted to Boeing, Bombardier, and Gulfstream aircraft.  Boeing has approved SmartStem installation via amended Type Certificate on 737NG Boeing Business Jets, and Crane has received FAA, Transport Canada Civil Authority (TCCA), and European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) on a variety of Bombardier and Gulfstream aircraft, including:• Bombardier Challenger 300, 350, 600, 601, 604, and 605; Global Express; Global 5000; Global 6000; and CRJ 100, 200, 440, 700, 705, and 900.

• Learjet 24, 25, 28, 29, 31, 35, 36, 40, 45, 55, 60, 70, and 75.

• Gulfstream G300, G350, G400, G450, G500, and G550.

“Aviation authorities have acknowledged the important role that regular tire pressure checks play in aviation safety.  SmartStem is broadly recognized as a cost-effective tool for making tire pressure checks easier and more accurate for business and regional jets.  With over tens of thousands of these aircraft in service, business and regional jet operators are an important part of our overall aftermarket business.  We are extremely excited and confident that CRS’s experience and excellent reputation makes them the right choice to better serve this market with a positive game-changer for aviation safety.”

Rick Jones, Senior Vice President, Sensing & Utility Systems, Crane Aerospace & Electronics

“CRS Jet Spares is very excited about this new distribution agreement and look forward to bringing this technological advancement in the way tire pressure checks are handled today to aircraft operators around the world! Providing aftermarket products that offer safety, reliability, cost savings or improved standard practices is something that CRS has been providing the aviation community with for over 30 years. We feel that the SmartStem process for tire pressure checks will be fully embraced by Bombardier, Gulfstream and Boeing operators once the systems are made available through the CRS network. For a demonstration or additional information on SmartStem contact your nearest CRS representative or email With sales offices throughout the United States, Mexico, England, Brazil and Singapore CRS is available to support you where and when you have the need worldwide and around the clock!”

CRS Delivers its 1000th Sealed Lead Acid Main Ship Battery

CRS Jet Spares an authorized Securaplane/Meggitt sales and service facility delivered its 1000th Sealed Lead Acid Main Ship battery last Friday to an undisclosed U.S. customer. CRS supplies batterySecuraplane Main Ship and Emergency Batteries to the Business Aviation Community both original equipment and replacement power solutions.  Hawker, Gulfstreams, Falcons, Challengers and Global Express most models utilize Securplane products. ”This delivery number is significant in confirming the quality battery and acceptance that these lead acid main ship batteries have received from operators throughout our community” claims CRS VP of Sales and Business Development Jack Caloras. The Quality and reliability of this product is something that operators around the world have come to enjoy and look for when requiring power solutions for their aircraft. The drive for customer satisfaction, the cutting-edge design and the performance of the Securaplane/Meggitt products continues to draw new operators and enhance customer loyalty. Contact your CRS Representative to discuss your power requirements.

Stop by our booth # C8529 at NBAA Las Vegas 2015.


Win- Win Consignment Program’s surge at CRS Jet Spares

CRS Jet Spares, the Business Aviation leading provider of “Aftermarket Parts Solutions” for classic, out of warranty airframes, has seen an increase in its consignment programs in 2015. A consignment program is not unique to the aviation
industry and how one functions is fairly common. An owner or material chooses another to sell this material under agreement to terms for purpose of generating dollars for said material.  What is not common to CRS Jet Spares and the many current and past consignors is the process, effort and positive results experienced during these agreements that provide a win-win program for the parties involved.

“Our Consignment Program utilizes an extensive network in the business aviation community coupled with CRS processes to sell and market parts for others” stated jack Caloras VP Sales and Business Development at CRS. “This is our core business; to store, handle, ship 24/7, invoice, collect payments, provide technical support and handle buyers concerns is what we do every day.” Says Caloras

So instead of a company that has excess, surplus or little used assets trying to divert their resources, CRS handles it all for an agreed upon fee. An interesting option for operators with inventory that they might still have a need for an occasion is the recall program offered in a CRS Consignment Agreement. The ability to recall parts anytime from CRS through our logistic and distribution system is a positive for operators inclined to keep more inventory than they might need on hand. The ability to generate revenue for excess or surplus inventory that one might have under the CRS consignment program is a win-win process that CRS has developed and excelled for years.

See/Rescue Emergency Distress Locating Devices are now available at CRS

CRS Jet Spares, the Business Aviation leading provider of “Aftermarket Parts Solutions” has been providing our industry with products for over 30 years, has been appointed as the authorized distributor for the military approved See/Rescue streamersea product line for the Business Jet Community. This state of the art, yet simple locating technology is available in various sizes with several different options.

The Sea Rescue devices are used primarily for alerting Search and Rescue personnel to your location after any type of emergency situation exists where you are in need of being located.

“The genius of this product is not only in the simplicity of the design but, that it is so clearly does what it says and how obvious it is that this piece of equipment is needed” Claims Jack Caloras VP Sales and Business Development. Dr. Robert Yonover has been involved with safety and lifesaving products for over 20 years. “We have partnered with a person who has not only marketed but also has designed and invented various products which we feel are breakthrough in both nature and application” said Caloras The Sea Rescue streamers are safety devises that  are simple and cost effective pieces of emergency equipment that all operators should consider.