Win- Win Consignment Program’s surge at CRS Jet Spares

CRS Jet Spares, the Business Aviation leading provider of “Aftermarket Parts Solutions” for classic, out of warranty airframes, has seen an increase in its consignment programs in 2015. A consignment program is not unique to the aviation
industry and how one functions is fairly common. An owner or material chooses another to sell this material under agreement to terms for purpose of generating dollars for said material.  What is not common to CRS Jet Spares and the many current and past consignors is the process, effort and positive results experienced during these agreements that provide a win-win program for the parties involved.

“Our Consignment Program utilizes an extensive network in the business aviation community coupled with CRS processes to sell and market parts for others” stated jack Caloras VP Sales and Business Development at CRS. “This is our core business; to store, handle, ship 24/7, invoice, collect payments, provide technical support and handle buyers concerns is what we do every day.” Says Caloras

So instead of a company that has excess, surplus or little used assets trying to divert their resources, CRS handles it all for an agreed upon fee. An interesting option for operators with inventory that they might still have a need for an occasion is the recall program offered in a CRS Consignment Agreement. The ability to recall parts anytime from CRS through our logistic and distribution system is a positive for operators inclined to keep more inventory than they might need on hand. The ability to generate revenue for excess or surplus inventory that one might have under the CRS consignment program is a win-win process that CRS has developed and excelled for years.