Rewards System

Dear Valued Customer:

 Welcome to the CRS Jet Spares Rewards System, a point system designed to exclusively reward you, the corporate operator, for being a valued customer.

 The CRS Rewards System was developed in 1997. CRS Jet Spares awards you points with every purchase you make! The Rewards System is also a way for all of us at CRS to show our thanks and appreciation to our many loyal customers.

 Simply by being a corporate operator and a customer of CRS, you may be eligible for points.   After completing the enrollment form, you will automatically be eligible for rewards. You will receive a statement of your account once a year.  Points must be redeemed within the calendar year.

 Questions or comments are always welcome. Feel free to contact the Rewards Service Desk, at 954.972.2807.

 As always, we thank you for choosing CRS Jet Spares. The CRS team looks forward to the next opportunity in supporting your flight department and becoming your preferred supplier.

Diane Leighton.

CRS Rewards Service Desk

 Providing In-House Customer Service.

Points redemption or questions, we are standing by waiting to serve you. Our CRS Rewards Service Desk has been created to better support the CRS Rewards Program. We look forward to assisting you.

Phone: 954.972.2807

 CRS Jet Spares has designed a point system that rewards you for being a valued customer.

 You earn 1 point with every $1.00 you spend.  Points must be redeemed by December 31st.  Accounts will restart at zero points the first of each year.

 The CRS Rewards Program offers the option to select gift cards that can be utilized, shared and enjoyed by all CRS customers eligible and enrolled in the CRS Rewards Program

A separate department has been set-up for your use. We welcome your questions and comments.

 * Current Operator – To be considered current, you must purchase from CRS Jet Spares, Inc. at least once per six month period.