CRS Customer Advocacy Improvements

Increasing customer service levels is a requirement not a luxury one can afford to neglect. A common sentiment in many business models but, one that runs through the veins and is at the very foundation of aftermarket parts solution provider; CRS Jet Spares. The 30 year plus company known for providing quality parts and high levels of service has raised the bar and improved customer service that is bound to have a positive effect on the business aviation community dealing with this privately owned parts supplier.

“Customer advocacy initiatives recently established and implemented will provide benefits to all customers that CRS supports” stated President Armando Leighton, Jr.

CRS has put into place programs focusing on the issues of our industry in providing parts solutions. Two major concerns for anyone purchasing parts on an exchange basis in the Business Aviation Community are failed parts and additional billings. CRS is now offering extended warranty coverage on approximately 50% of its inventory to deliver increased peace of mind. “With parts just as aircraft staying in service for longer periods of time we have seen an increase in major repairs and overhauls being required, which lead to above and beyond normal charges more frequently” claims Leighton.

CRS has put into place procedures to inform, review, and reduce these additional charges that cause so many in this industry great upset. Additional staff has been added to monitor the process in the role of a customer advocate, approximately one third of items which CRS now offers on an exchange basis now come with an Option 2 or no additional billing choice. An increase in vendor monitoring as well as accepting the additional charges without passing them on to the customer are all initiatives to offer improved services for our community in order to assist in maintaining their aircraft.

Consignments on the Rise

New and improved interface provides consignors with access to consigned inventory. CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has been involved with consignments for years with companies ranging from single aircraft flight departments, to fortune 100 companies to OEM’s. Consigning inventory is very much what most people are familiar with when you would think of someone owning something that they would like to sell and seek a relationship with another that has the channels to sell these items.

CRS is the distribution channel for Business Aviation companies that find themselves with excess or non-essential material. “The reasons vary why a company might have such inventory. Flight departments hold spares for aircraft that they no longer have in their fleet, operators miscalculate on inventory levels needed and a wide range of additional reasons we have encountered over the years.” says VP Sales / Business Development Jack Caloras.

Consigning parts provide the owners an opportunity to generate a higher rate of return than a quick sale to liquidate. CRS has seen an increase in interest levels for consigning parts and even a whole aircraft as the possibilities of a larger payoff for assets is a very attractive one. CRS is now providing all of its consignors with an improved connectivity and transparency to their parts. The reporting and visibility allows both consignor and consignee to better communicate and appreciate transactions, status and general information on these parts.

For more information on the CRS Consignment Program and to gain a greater understanding if it is the right solution to your current situation, please contact: Jack Caloras, For more information on the CRS Customer Property Overhaul Program, visit or call 954.972.2807.

CRS Will Give Away Lenovo Yoga Tablet at EBACE

CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has announced their 2014 EBACE Lenovo Yoga Tablet Raffle Giveaway. The company, an EBACE exhibitor for over 10 years, will give to one lucky EBACE attendee a Yoga Tablet. CRS would like to invite all corporate operators, jet owners and maintenance departments attending this year’s annual meeting and convention in Geneva, Switzerland to participate in this exciting giveaway! The drawing will take place at the CRS Booth #3243 on Wednesday, May 21st at 4:00 pm, must be present to win.

“From Harleys to iPads, to Tablets we are known for our annual giveaways and we really enjoy it. It gives us the opportunity to reward our loyal customers as well as introduces us to new operators who we hope to make customers through our outstanding service,” explains CRS Founder and President, Armando Leighton, Jr

CRS Revamps its Rewards Program

Rewards programs are created to thank customers and CRS has been saying “Thank You” for over 16 years with a progressive program. CRS has improved and reconfigured one of the longest running rewards programs in the Business Aviation Community.

The most recent changes in the CRS Rewards program provide for increased accessibility and increased option for Rewards Customers. “The CRS Rewards program was our way of thanking customers for their loyalty” stated Armando Leighton CRS Founder and CEO. Over the years the CRS rewards program has been utilized and appreciated by hundreds and hundreds of companies CRS has provided services for. The program has evolved from the days of supplying golf clubs and electronic appliances to allowing rewards customers to choose their own gift cards through the CRS Jet Spares website. “We wanted to express our gratitude in an easy access organized manner that all would appreciate” claims Leighton. The CRS Rewards Program offers the option to select gift cards that can be utilized, shared and enjoyed by all CRS customers eligible and enrolled in the CRS Rewards Program.

Call today to find out more about point calculations, rewards and enrollment opportunities.

 CRS Gives Away Harley at 2013 NBAA Convention in Las Vegas

CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and exhibitor at this year’s NBAA Convention in Las Vegas, gave away a 2014 Harley Davidson.

The annual CRS giveaway has become an NBAA tradition and this year was the lucky 13th year for this event. 

“We feel it is a way to show our thanks and let our community know how grateful we are to be able to share this type of experience,” says CRS CEO and Founder Armando Leighton. “Over the years we have heard many stories of how people have enjoyed the way we present the drawing as both the NBAA attendees and CRS Team members have a good time.” Hundreds of business cards are entered into the tumbler, but only three people have a chance with one very happy person taking home the bike. This year the winning envelope was selected by Kent Ramquist, Chief Pilot/Flight Operations Manager for American Family Insurance located in Madison, WI.

CRS Adds Experience to R.C. Group: Luis Tapia

Monitoring and controlling the repair process for an aftermarket parts Support Company like CRS is a critical matter. New and improved space with new faces on the Repair Control Group is paving the way for enhanced services at CRS. With new and expanded office space in place this critical department within CRS is able to provide increased services to customers utilizing CRS services.

luis-tapiaIn addition to the physical changes to allow this improvement CRS has added Luis Tapia to the R.C. Group as a customer advocate in the role of Repair control Coordinator. “Mr. Tapia brings years of aviation experience to this position and we feel this move will provide our customers and CRS with a person who will be diligent in meeting customer needs” claims Armando Leighton CRS President.

The CRS Repair Control Group not only is responsible for vendor and asset management but, also they are key in the role of interfacing with our customers on managing repairs and providing technical information whenever necessary. “It is a welcome addition to our group” stated Dave Prince R.C. Group Manager. Tapia is a licensed A&P and has been in the aviation industry for over twenty years in roles ranging from component repairman, manager of a repair station, sales regional manager to purchasing manager for a charter flight department.

To meet our newest CRS team member stop by our booth #C10143 at this year’s NBAA annual meeting and convention in Las Vegas.

CRS Provides Preflight Security System Upgrade

CRS announces upgrades to Securaplane Security systems in an effort to advance aircraft ground security.

The PreFlite system upgrade is available for all existing installed systems.

The upgrade for Legacy 500 and 450 Systems are now available and in most case can be installed utilizing existing system provisions with minimum effort. The upgrade provides a more reliable and user friendly interface with updated technology. The new radar based wheel sensors no longer require complicated aiming concerns. No longer are there range limits or remote transponders necessary as arming, disarming and communication can all be accomplished through cell phones.

The PreFlite Systems were originally installed on Gulfstream model 450 and 500 airframes as well as Challenger 605’s. If you have one of the older systems and are interested in upgrade information or are interested in a new Securaplane Security System install contact CRS today for details.

For more information stop by our booth at this year’s NBAA annual meeting and convention in Las Vegas booth# C10143.

CRS Announces Harley Giveaway For 2013 NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention

CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has announced the 2013 edition of their annual NBAA Harley Davidson giveaway contest. The company, an NBAA exhibitor for over 20 years, will give to one lucky NBAA attendee a 2014 Harley Davidson Iron 883N.

CRS would like to invite all corporate operators, jet owners and maintenance departments attending this year’s annual meeting and convention in Las Vegas to participate in this exciting giveaway!

The drawing will take place at the CRS Booth #C10143, on Wednesday, October 23rd at 3:30 pm.

For more information on CRS Jet Spares’ 2013 NBAA Harley Giveaway, please call 954-972-2807.

CRS Jet Spares will give away brand new iPad at LABACE

CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has announced their 2013 LABACE iPad Raffle Giveaway.  The company, an LABACE exhibitor for the past 3 years, will give to one lucky LABACE attendee an iPad.

A warm welcome and invitation to all corporate operators, jet owners and maintenance departments attending this year’s annual meeting and convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil to participate in this exciting giveaway!  The drawing will take place at the CRS Booth #1016 on Thursday, August 15th at 5:00 pm, must be present to win.

 “CRS feels the technology behind the Apple iPad coincides perfectly with our goal to have our finger on the pulse and provide what our customers wants,” explains CRS Founder and President, Armando Leighton, Jr. 

CRS Jet Spares Introduces New Gulfstream Mini iPad Yoke Mount at EBACE 

With technology moving quickly into the cockpit, CRS announces release of its new CRS-IPAD-GUL-MINI yoke mount applicable to the Gulfstream series aircraft.

Weighing only 11 ounces, it attaches flush to the yoke and can be easily removed for table top use. It is portable for ground use only and attaches flush to the yoke to accommodate a Mini iPad with no electrical connection or interface requirement.

Some unique features include 360 degree rotation for vertical or horizontal positioning and flips up for easy egress.

“It has been well received by the Gulfstream Community as an alternative to (EFB) with bargain price of $475.00 and a lifetime warranty says CEO, Armando Leighton. We have had a great success with the standard sized yoke mount with over 150 units sold and ramping up production to meet the demand in addition to a newly designed glare shield mounted version that will fit various aircraft.”

There will be an interactive display at the EBACE show, booth #938.