CRS Customer Advocacy Improvements

Increasing customer service levels is a requirement not a luxury one can afford to neglect. A common sentiment in many business models but, one that runs through the veins and is at the very foundation of aftermarket parts solution provider; CRS Jet Spares. The 30 year plus company known for providing quality parts and high levels of service has raised the bar and improved customer service that is bound to have a positive effect on the business aviation community dealing with this privately owned parts supplier.

“Customer advocacy initiatives recently established and implemented will provide benefits to all customers that CRS supports” stated President Armando Leighton, Jr.

CRS has put into place programs focusing on the issues of our industry in providing parts solutions. Two major concerns for anyone purchasing parts on an exchange basis in the Business Aviation Community are failed parts and additional billings. CRS is now offering extended warranty coverage on approximately 50% of its inventory to deliver increased peace of mind. “With parts just as aircraft staying in service for longer periods of time we have seen an increase in major repairs and overhauls being required, which lead to above and beyond normal charges more frequently” claims Leighton.

CRS has put into place procedures to inform, review, and reduce these additional charges that cause so many in this industry great upset. Additional staff has been added to monitor the process in the role of a customer advocate, approximately one third of items which CRS now offers on an exchange basis now come with an Option 2 or no additional billing choice. An increase in vendor monitoring as well as accepting the additional charges without passing them on to the customer are all initiatives to offer improved services for our community in order to assist in maintaining their aircraft.