Consignments on the Rise

New and improved interface provides consignors with access to consigned inventory. CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has been involved with consignments for years with companies ranging from single aircraft flight departments, to fortune 100 companies to OEM’s. Consigning inventory is very much what most people are familiar with when you would think of someone owning something that they would like to sell and seek a relationship with another that has the channels to sell these items.

CRS is the distribution channel for Business Aviation companies that find themselves with excess or non-essential material. “The reasons vary why a company might have such inventory. Flight departments hold spares for aircraft that they no longer have in their fleet, operators miscalculate on inventory levels needed and a wide range of additional reasons we have encountered over the years.” says VP Sales / Business Development Jack Caloras.

Consigning parts provide the owners an opportunity to generate a higher rate of return than a quick sale to liquidate. CRS has seen an increase in interest levels for consigning parts and even a whole aircraft as the possibilities of a larger payoff for assets is a very attractive one. CRS is now providing all of its consignors with an improved connectivity and transparency to their parts. The reporting and visibility allows both consignor and consignee to better communicate and appreciate transactions, status and general information on these parts.

For more information on the CRS Consignment Program and to gain a greater understanding if it is the right solution to your current situation, please contact: Jack Caloras, For more information on the CRS Customer Property Overhaul Program, visit or call 954.972.2807.