CRS Increases Exchange Options

Exchange transactions are common within the business aviation community. Airframe OEM’s, Component OEM’s and aftermarket third party suppliers such as CRS Jet Spares have been providing operators with exchange options for years.  opt2The transaction is a cost saving option provided to operators when a part is required sooner than later. An airworthy unit is supplied to be utilized as a replacement for a part needing to be removed, which is then returned to the supplier of the airworthy part.  All is good for both parties until the core unit is evaluated and deemed to be above the standard work-scope.  The result is what most in our industry has come to know as a “Bill-Back” which is less than a positive for all parties involved!  In these instances the supplier will request additional charges from the customer to cover the increased cost of the repair/overhaul of the core unit.

CRS Jets Spares in its efforts to reduce this negative result from an exchange transaction has a major initiative underway to decrease these occurrences.  CRS is increasing what has become branded as an “Option 2” exchange. This is an option that eliminates or reduces the chance of the “Bill-Back” on an exchange transaction.  “We have tasked our inside sales team to provide Option 2 pricing for exchange transactions on every opportunity”, states VP of Sales and Business Development Jack Caloras.” If we have an Option 2 price or not established, the conversation we want to have with a customer is whether this would be a viable option for your current situation” Caloras goes on. CRS is leading the way in providing customers solutions that meet their needs and requirements.