Nelson Leal Promoted to Sales Manager

CRS Jet Snelson-lealpares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier, has promoted Nelson Leal to the position of Sales Manager. Leal’s role is to manage the CRS inside Sales team as well as all sales processes established within CRS to provide the services expected by and provided to all customers of CRS.

“It is always a positive when you can promote someone from within the ranks to a role of greater responsibility” a true joy for me to see a CRS team member grow within our company so successfully,” stated CRS Vice President of Sales Jack Caloras.

With the additional responsibilities Leal will have requiring more of his time, CRS has added two new team members to the inside sales group to maintain and continue to improve sales and service at CRS.

“We believe that Nelson’s new role and the additions to our sales team will make the CRS brand even stronger and more effective in meeting the needs of the business aviation community,” stated Caloras.

Leal has been a member of the CRS sales team for the eight years providing his sales expertise and abilities to CRS customers. He also has 6 years of managerial experience in a non-aviation role prior to joining CRS. Originally from South Florida, Nelson enjoys spending time with his wife, playing team sports and teaching his 4 year old son how to cheer for everyone’s favorite team in South Florida, The Miami Heat.